Equipment & Machinery

Scott’s Mobile Mechanics and Fleet Services has been established for 15 years focusing on providing Perth with the very best 24/7 Mobile Asset Maintenance and Repair Services that is second to none.

With our fleet of 6 fully equipped Mobile Units delivering ‘Quality Service’ that can be conducted at either our client’s premise, onsite or on location. (Free call out during business hours)

Formerly known as Scotts Mobile Mechanics, now SCOTTS

Scotts Mobile Mechanics & Fleet Services are recognised and approved specialists at Perth Airport including Airside registration for servicing and repairs to;

  • Ground Power Units,
  • Pushback Tugs,
  • Belt Loaders,
  • Utility Trailers,
  • Towers,
  • Scissor Lifts,
  • Catering Trucks,
  • Fuel and Amenity Trucks,
  • Golf Carts
  • Mobile and fixed Stairs

The majority of Scotts Mobile Mechanics & Fleet Services staff are licensed to work airside at Perth Airport with work from our clients in the precinct comprising a significant proportion of our current business.

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